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Mar. 26th, 2009


New Star Wars Video! :D

Some of you Star Wars fan out there might find this new video interesting. It's a video about the love between Luke Skywalker and Callista Ming. For those of you who don't know, Callista is a character in the EU books set after Return of the Jedi. Callista is a Jedi from the Old Republic era who's spirit got trapped inside an Imperial ship, called the Eye of Palpatine. Many years later Luke found his way onto the ship (through a series of events) and met Callista. She revealed what she looked like using the ships hologram system, and was freed when a character named Cray gave up here body, which Callista entered through the Force. Luke and Callista fell in love but there was one problem, Callista had completely lost her connection to the Force, and felt she could no longer fully connect with Luke because of it. She did discover one way to use the Force, but it was through the Dark Side, which she refused to use. Eventually she left, leaving Luke only a note saying she loved him but she had to find her own way of reconnecting to the Force. She came back for one or two more books. The final time Luke and Callista ever saw each other was on the planet Nam Chorios. They only shared one look but it was enough to let them both know that what they had was over, and it was for the best to go their separate ways.

Even though I hate Callista, even more then I hate Mara, I really couldn't help myself. While looking for a song for my next Luke and Mara video (which I'm sure a lot of you will be excited to see) I came across this one and all of a sudden it struck me that this song could work really well with Luke and Callista. There are no Luke/Callista videos out there so I thought, why not? It's from Callista's point of view about how she fell for Luke and how much he was becoming apart of her, but she knew deep down they could never be together. Scarlett Johansson plays the old Callista, the one trapped inside the ship, and Amanda Tapping plays the Callista in Cray's body. Nicole Kidman makes a very tinny appearance as Mara Jade and, of course, Mark Hamill is the amazing Luke Skywalker xD

And yes, I know Scarlett also plays Siri Tachi in my Star Wars videos, but I didn't have any footage of any other beautiful woman who fit the part good enough (unless you want me have used Natalie Portman but I figured that would just be wrong). So just deal with it :P To fully grasp the video 100% you have to know Callista's story, which is why it is written above, but it helps to have read the books. But if you haven't you can still enjoy the video, though some of the clips may seem a little confusing.

Follow me to the video...Collapse )

-Peace and Love, Wormie

Mar. 15th, 2009

Beatle Icons.

Just made some new Beatle avatars and, since it's never good to keep things to yourself, I thought it would be best to share them with everyone :D

The Rest Are Behind the CutCollapse )

Feb. 15th, 2009

Well, its been a while xD

A while... ha, almost a year to be exact. Man, I knew it had been a while but I didn't think that long. A lot has changed since I last updated. I'm still obsessed with the Beatles and the Star Wars and everything else I was ever obsessed with, so you don't have to worry about that, but now I have new stuff going on in my life... I'm finally back in school, going to JJC as a full time student while I'm still working at Dunkin Donuts part time :P I haven't worked on any of my stories (except my book a little bit) and I really haven't made any manips or avatars or anything. I've been so busy I really haven't had any time for that. All summer I was getting up at 5 in the morning to baby sit until 5 in the afternoon. And now that I'm back at DD and going to school there has hardly been time for the computer. And to top it all off I got a permanent man in my life xD His name is Matt and we've been going out almost 3 months now, and I couldn't be happier. I don't have time right now cause I have to leave for work in a few minutes, but I plan on posting a picture of the promise ring he gave me for Valentines Day. It's really cute and simple and I love it. He also gave me a teddy bear but I don't think I need to post a picture of that xD We went out Salsa dancing, and though he can't dance I still had fun. Some of the people there were really good. I don't think I've ever dated I guy who can dance, which is a little depressing (seen as I'm a dance freak :P) but I still love him and wouldn't leave him for all the best dancers in the world xD And even though I really really really really really... REALLY don't want to go to work, I still have to go anyway. I got spoiled with a three day weekend and now I don't want to go back xD Oh well, that's life... right?

~Peace and Love, Wormie

Mar. 10th, 2008

Wow an update :o

Eh, I'm bored... and I mean REALLY bored, so I thought I would post to my journal which hasn't been updated in 27 weeks according to the little notice thingy on the front page. Don't have much to mention. Haven't written or updated my Star Wars story, not surprisingly. Same goes for any other fiction I've ever started. I kinda fell out of the whole fiction thing. Wrote a few poems, but other then that I haven't written anything at all. Not really a good thing if I want to be a screenplay writer, but oh well. Just haven't been able to get myself into a writing mood. However that may change very soon. I have recently been inspired to start writing a Beatles slash fiction. I have never actually written slash before so this is a whole new ballpark. I'll probably fail miserably and this story will just be added to the stack of fictions I will NEVER finish but... *shrugs* oh well. But I decided, I won't be posting ANY of it unless I get at least the first 5 chapters finished. So I'll still be able to update should I get into another one of my slumps.

As for the fiction, it will be Paul/Ringo, my two favorites, and it will be called "Looking Through You." Starting in Hamburg when they first met and hopefully leading all the way up until present day. Isn't going to be from any specific point of view, though I'm guessing Paul will be the predominate character. When I think about the scenes in my mind I have an easier time thinking of it from Paul's perspective. But, anyway, to get you in the mood for Paul/Ringo slash I will post a couple of pictures I made of them. Just click on the cut to take a look. Some of them are good, some aren't. Beatle picture are incredibly hard to edit.

I'm Looking Through You, you're not the sameCollapse )

-Peace, Wormie

Aug. 30th, 2007


Monkees! Monkees!!! Monkees!!!!

This post will mostly consist of Monkees stuff, so if you're not interested in them then this post probably isn't for you. I've been Monkee crazy ever since I found out I would be going to see Davy Jones in concert. I'll tell you all about the show later on. First thing I want to share are all the Monkee icon's I've made. They are all behind the wonderful cut we've come to know and love. And be warned, there are quite a few slash ones for all the monkee-slash lovers out there.

58 Monkee icons right this wayCollapse )

Next up I'd like to share my evening at the concert. I don't want to go into too much detail just because that's kind of boring and I'm too tired to recount every minute of the evening. So I'll give a condensed version.

It was only five dollars to get in, only because it was just Davy and The Legacy performing that night. Before Davy went on, I hung around with this one girl I met (damn me I can't remember her name, but she was really sweet and interesting). We wanted to see Davy come out of his trailer xD and maybe say hi or something. Though he didn't, someone else did. It was Eric, the trumpet player in Davy's band. He was so nice and hung around with us for a while and talked about school and how he joined the band and everything. After that me and my mom (who I dragged to the concert with me) went over and got a good spot. Unfortunately for the true fans, there was this stupid VIP section right up front only for the Mayor and his friends. So I got to a spot as close to the stage (with still a good view) as I could. The concert was absolutely amazing. I knew every song he sang, and sung along with each and every one. Except for "Let them be Little" of course because it's so beautiful and I didn't want to miss him singing it. He sang my favorite Monkee's song ("She Hangs Out") as well as a whole bunch of others. The best part was when he played his guitar for "I'll Love You Forever," another favorite of mine. He also talked a lot, but it defiantly wasn't boring or long. He's really a funny guy and so energetic. 62 years old and that man can still move. Afterward I went and waited again to see if I still could get the autograph, and to my amazement it actually happened. He came over, signed my picture (of him of course, lol) and I got a hug. And then at the last minute right before he was going to leave for good I got in a picture with him and you can take a look at that behind the cut :0) I also got one with Eric, and it's also back there. Hope you enjoyed my little story, I had a lot of fun and I will never forget it. Defiantly one of the best nights of my life. Oh... you should also know, it was my first concert EVER. That just made it all the better xD

Concert PicsCollapse )

And to top all of this Monkee Mania off, I have decided to write, not just one, but two Monkees fictions. Yes, I know, I'm not one to keep up writing and I'm a big procrastinator, and I never update. But I promise to get working on at least one of them as fast as I can before I loose interest. I think my problem is I think too far ahead, and then I have the entire story in my head. And so because I already know everything that happens and how and why, and how it will end, I get bored with writing it because it takes too long to finish and I just give up. So I promise to not let that happen for this one. I won't give away too much, because I don't want to disappoint before I even have a chance to start writing. All I'll say is that something tragic happens that brings the Monkees closer then they ever have been before. And test just how strong their friendship really is.

Alright. Briefly getting off the topic of the Monkees, I do have one other thing I want to share. I made this video a few days ago and I got some very good reviews, so I thought I would post it here. It's about Luke and Anakin, how they are similar, how they are different, and how their stories are so incredibly similar with one main difference... One overcame all obstacles, where the other did not. I hope you enjoy :0)

Well, it's nearly five in the morning and I'm very tired. I have work in nine hours and I need some sleep.

Peace and May the Force be with you! :0)

Aug. 6th, 2007

So I've returned

If you'll notice my mood right now is anxious. And I am, but for some unknown reason. Though the weird thing is I'm anxious in both a good and bad way. The bad way probably because I have work in three hours, and the good probably because I have a bunch of new icons and too many new videos to post.

First things first, let me share my new icons. Most of them are Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, but I do have a couple others as well. Most of the Stargate ones revolve around bizarre and unlikely couples, but I still like them. Of course, they are all behind the cut.

Stargate IconsCollapse )

Second, I have a couple manip's I thought I would share. They're all from various different movies and TV shows, I think whoever looks at this entry might like them.

Photo ArtCollapse )

Also, you should know that I have a Power Rangers fiction going. Right now it's on the second episode, and you can either read it at FanFiction.net (My Pen name is WormieSkywalker), or at RangerTalk.com (look under the fan fiction section). It's called "Power Rangers: World Force" and you can see the "cover" behind the cut.

Cover ArtCollapse )

I also have a Stargate Atlantis episode idea in mind. So if I ever decide to write it I'll be sure to post it here. It's an episode revolving around McKay and Teyla (no ship intended). I always thought it would be a cool idea to have an episode revolving around them just because they have such little interaction on the show. An episode about them could be a lot of fun if it ever happened. The whole idea is still in the works but I'll hopefully get to writing it. Other then that I have a couple fictions in mind that ARE Teyla/McKay ship. But those won't be written until I write this episode idea out.

In the vidding world, I've been very busy. But I have way to many videos to share them all so I'll just post two of my more recent. The first one is Stargate Atlantis slash about McKay and Sheppard. It's pretty self explanatory so I'll let you enjoy.

And this next one is, probably, my favorite Power Rangers video I have ever made. It's about Billy and Kimberly. Billy was always in love with Kim but he figured she never loved him back. And ever since he gave up his powers he's been wondering if anyone AT ALL would miss him if he were to leave or even die. Eventually he meets Censtria and he decides to go live on Aquitar because he finally comes to the decision that no one would, and she is all he has. But is Billy as right as he thinks he is? Watch and enjoy :0)

And that should be all for now. I should be getting ready for work. Peace, and may the Force be with you ;0)

Mar. 6th, 2007

After a short Hiatus

So I've been away for a while just because I haven't felt like updating. :P But I have been working on some stuff. So lets get right to it shall we?

You'll be happy to know that I have finally started posting my Star Wars fiction. Currently there are only two chapters up but the third is in the works. It's up to 12 pages (entirely) on my computer and I'm hoping that the third chapter will be much longer then the first two. You can read it at: The Rising Shroud

In the picture arena I haven't made much lately but I do have a few new things. Take a look behind the cut.

PicturesCollapse )

And for videos I have a couple new ones. One is about Luke and Ada just about how Ada always thought Luke was so strong and didn't need any help but she realizes he needs saving sometimes just like everyone else. Done to "All You Wanted" by Michelle Branch.

And this is a Luke/Leia video (no incest intended). It's about how no matter what happens or how hard things get they will always have one another to lean on when it gets too touph. Done to "I Will Carry You" by Clay Aiken.

And that's all for now. I'll try to update more often. Peace and may the Force be with you :0)

Feb. 11th, 2007

I'm Still Here

Wow, I haven't updated in over a week. Gotta get the ball rollin again ^^ So, okay I was just surfin around Wookiepedia when I came across Anakin Solo's page. And I just coulen't help but notice something. In a lot of his pictures/drawing I notice that he shares a striking resemblance to a certain actor. I did a little compairason. Let me know what you think.

Incase you don't know, the actor is Jonathan Brandis. He stared in "It", "Sidekicks" and "The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter."

In the fan fiction arena... Sorry I haven't really worked on my story at all. I've been kind of in a slump lately but I'll try and work on it soon. However I did make a few pictures of the Skywalker family. You can see them behind the cut.

PicturesCollapse )

I also have two new Obidala pictures. It's kind of the same picture but they're different. You'll see what I mean behind the cut.

ObidalaCollapse )

And in the video arena, I didn't make any new videos for myself but I did just make for my girlfriend Jo. It's about her fan fiction character Jordan and Luke. I hope you like it.

And that's all for now. I hope everyone had a great weekend. And for the kids living in Illinois, have a nice day off. Happy Birthday Abraham Lincoln!

Peace and May the Force be with You! :0)

Feb. 1st, 2007

Icons all around

Hi there :0) I'm back just post some icons. My life has been boring lately and I've had nothing to do so I've been just randomly making icons/avatars. You're free to use anything I make. It'd be nice if you would credit me. It just helps get the word out about my stuff. Please and thank you ^^ As usual it all can be found behind the cut.

IconsCollapse )

Other then that I've REALLY gotten into writing my novel "History Never Lies." I read it at my creative writing club the other day and I got some good reviews so I'm really pumped. I'll probably work on it some more after I'm finished with this update ^^

My fan fictions have kind of hit a wall at the moment. Right now I'm trying to decide what will happen next in my post-ROTJ story. Oh, and I finally came up with the first books official name. Episode VII will officially be called "The Rising Shroud." Hopefully I'll get some inspiration soon to write some more and start posting it.

As for art stuff other then icons I haven't really done anything. I tried doing this Obidala picture but it hasn't worked out too well. I'll try it some more later.

On the video front I'm kind of at a dead halt also. I did send a song to Ada (shehangsout) the other night and she said she really liked it. So expect to see a new Anakin/Padme video from her soon. As for myself, I'm not sure yet. I'll dig around in my sound archive and see if I hear anything inspirational.

So... kind of a short update today. Not much that needed updating so I'll be heading out. Be peaceful with the Force and all that good stuff :0)

Jan. 28th, 2007

Obidala Mood

So I've kinda gotten into an Obidala mood lately. I've been focusing so much on my fiction that I think my brain needed an escape. So during my little Obidala mood swing I made some fan art. You can take a look at those behind the cut, as usual :)

Obidala worksCollapse )

I did mention I have an Obidala fiction going but I haven't worked on it in a while. I've sort of fallen out of writing but I haven't completely abandoned it so hopefully I'll start working on it again soon. I have written about two or three chapters of my story, however. I'll dig them up real soon and post them.

On video news, my friend Ada (shehangsout) made me an awesome video about two of my fan fiction characters. It's about Lenna and Malek and how they meet. As you know Lenna Skywalker is Luke's youngest daughter and eventually Lenna falls in love with a character named Malek Truden and he is played by David Wenham. You can take a look at the video behind the cut.

Lenna/Malek videoCollapse )

As for my own videos, I currently have an Obidala video IN MIND, but I haven't actually begun working on it yet. I also have a Skywalker Family video in mind. I just need to find a good song.

Oh, and before I forget, I also have some new Luke/Ada stuff. I'm not entierly happy with either of them. In the first I cut down Ada's hair too much so it looks a bit weird. And in the second I had to use Leia's hair but I hate because Ada is supposed to be blond and she's got dark brown but anyway, enough of my self loathing. You can look at them behind the cut.

Luke/Ada PicturesCollapse )

Well that's all I got for now. Go forth now and let the Force be with you.

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